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Very Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wedding

Very Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wedding Image

Very Crucial Do’s and Don’ts for Your Wedding

Once in a life time (usually) the day comes and you’re ready to do all the efforts to look pretty, shaped and shine on the very special day, to look a perfect bride. But what you really need to know in this regard is… well you never find that easily! Here’s a list of a few do’s and don’ts for the perfect beauty brides:

Do: get your waxing all done 3 days before the wedding day. Eye brows, upper lips, threading, arms and all the stuff should be done before hand. It might result in some bluff or irritant skin so you need time to overcome it.

Don’t: ever and ever dare to wax your bikini area a day before, it could have disastrous effects on your skin, as witnessed mostly. The skin being real soft and delicate hardy can bear the hardness of wax, thus outcome in severe skin exasperations and swelling. Start the process at least before 3 months of your wedding, to get accustomed of it or else face the consequences.

Do: drink plenty of water for fully hydrated, moisturized and flawless skin. More the intake of water, more the toxins flush out from body and thus produce spotless clean skin without any acne or bluffness.

Don’t: drink carbonated or soda drinks ad what you called soft drinks… are not actually soft; they’re like real hard on stomach and skin. Stop drinking them at least 6 weeks before your marriage. Make a commitment to yourself that next time when you will be asked for a soft drink, you’ll shook your head and swipe the drink with water.

Do: start eating greens, pulses and fruits. Dry fruits, vitamins and also plain raw foods, they will help cleaning out your stomach and let your skin shine, keep your body in shape and let your hairs grow faster and healthier.

Don’t: eat junk and fast food as its will end up making your body and skin reshaped and acne-prone respectively. Fast food and oily meals make your skin full of acne and pimples and it will gradually lessen your bridal beauty.

Do: start doing a little bit exercise at home, of course if you can’t afford a gym, but even if you can, I personally would recommend not joining it for long term. Only to be in shape on your wedding ceremonies, you should join it only for a short period of time because as soon as you will leave the gym, you will lose your body shape and muscles. And of course you can’t be stick to the gym for whole of your life.

Don’t: better not to be dependent on gym, but better not to do hard exercise at home as well as it can harm your bones and muscles. A single wrong move and you might increase the chances of some serious physical issue.

Do: start applying homemade masks and use on your skin, hairs and body. This will enhance our natural beauty and let you shine on your wedding day.

Don’t: apply any new skin care product at least 1 week before your wedding, as it can leave allergic reactions to your skin and will take more than a week to go off. Better not to experimenting with your beauty products before a little while your wedding day.  Only use authentic products that you already know suits you.

Do: do apply hair color at least 2 months before your weeding, so if it does have to have any reactions, it will all be done before the wedding day. Use the hair color that you use regularly that suits you.

Don’t: experiment with your hairs before wedding by applying new shade or new brand over them. It will only lead you to anew trouble.

Do: stay in shade most of the times to avoid sun tan or skin burn. Start the practice 4 weeks before your big bang wedding, which only comes once in life time and it worth all the efforts.

Don’t: go out of the house until not really needed. Stay at home and keep yourself away from sweat, dust, heat, pollution and dirt.



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