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Tips For Perfect Pre Bridal Glow

Tips For Perfect Pre Bridal Glow Image

Tips For Perfect Pre Bridal Glow

Who doesn’t want a perfect facial glow on fairy tale wedding day? Of course the wedding day is most awaited day and beginning of a fairy tale in life of most of the girl’s (at least we hope it!). It contains both the negative and positive effects with it in one’s life and thus influence the skin conditions accordingly. As your skin condition is immensely dependent on condition of your mind and body, further expanding to routine and health. Yet everyone around you, and, in-fact you yourself too, want a perfect skin glow on your wedding day. For that you need to endeavor at least a year before your wedding day… to get best  of the results for perfect pre bridal glow. As you’re unaware of the time you’ll be able to get for yourself or skin care after marriage, you better pay heed prior to your wedding and relish it effects for a long-run.

Little Things make the Difference

starting with your daily routine, you first of all need to assess your skin and watch out if it does matches with your routine or not? If it’s oily or dry or rough or a combo… and if you’re taking proper diet and applying suitable products on your skin accordingly or not?

Add simple things to your diet to see big changes. Don’t be utopian and just keep your daily tasks sweep your facial beauty and freshness away from you. See this now:

What to eat for overall healthy skin?

Eat strawberries, tomatoes, lake spinach, melons and eggs everyday to keep your skin hydrated and firmed. In simple words, add at least a single item of greens, a fruit, a veggie and bunch of protein to your diet depending on the local weather and edibles available in your country. But these few things are considerably available in most parts of the world.

What to drink in daily routine?

Drink, drink and drink as much water as you can, your skin is literally in love with water. If you don’t like it plain, add some liquid in it 😉 add flavors, tang, rose, or sandal anyway but don’t skip your water intake. Go for healthy green smoothies and fresh seasonal fruit juices for overwhelming results.

What not to drink for Glowing Skin?

Say NO to soda waters and can drinks….. it’s my personal opinion to avoid preserved and canned juices as well. Not as harmful as soda drinks for skin though !

What to Apply to protect the skin?

Having dry or rough skin? No problem! Apply some branded moisturizer and use sun block to protect your skin in daily routine.

Having oily skin? A point seeming to be worried… but not to be in actual. Apply oil free moisturizer, spf 30 and use FOAM based face washes to keep your pores unclogged and further avoid acne. Do not go for thick creamy texture f any cosmetic product ever. Use light toned, WATER BASED or FOAM BASED base, face wash, sun blocks and other skin items. Try this technique out and you’ll remember me every time your watch your pretty face glowing skin in mirror 😉

Don’t Forget Your Body Beauty

Girls often happen to ignore their body keeping all the focus on facial skin care and at the end, the difference in color tone of both, the face and the body looks disastrous. To avoid such dramatically influential results towards your skin, get your body treatments done as well before its too late. Every 3 MONTHS, get your body a fully fresh marine or scrub treatment to justify your personal care.

These relaxing body treatments will reduce the stress level and leave you in air flying for hours.

Basic Skin Care with Vitamin C

The beauty experts from Lakmé consider the pre wedding treatments to be started a year  before the wedding. But it’s still OK if you couldn’t have started in time. You must have an intake of Vitamin C every 5-6 WEEKS  either in form of facials or else, for healthy and glowing skin.

With these Tips to Get Radiant Skin for Perfect Pre Bridal Glow, You’ll surely rise and shine on your wedding day.

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