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Pro Tips For Weak And Hard Nails

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Pro Tips For Weak And Hard Nails

Damaged, dry, weak or split nails… could be a nightmare for girls, especially for brides to be or newly married brides. As they have to show off … cu’mon! We all know they have to show off… even if they don’t try to, people would expect to see everything as perfect as to show off the beauty of the bride.


Even when going to a party or some informal family gathering, you need the perfect nail color you bought specially matching with the dress for very occasion.

All these things perhaps doesn’t bother you… when you’re with friends and talking about your shortcomings and your weak and hard nails!!! Dry or damaged, which break as easy as a glass or heart!

Here are some pro tips for weak nails to make you ditch this stupid embarrassing nail break thing.

Use Gloves While Working at Home

pro-tips-for-weak-and-hard-nails-shadi-welcome-5It is usually seen that girls do not bother wearing gloves while doing daily routine chores or tasks. As prevention is always better than cure, start wearing gloves while doing dishes, gardening, cleaning, mopping, dusting and washing clothes. As chemicals used in washing liquids, detergents, soaps and home cleansers are too harsh for your skin and nails that they literary make them dry off the base. Also gardening fertilizers and pesticides are way too dangerous for your nails to break or split them up… making them weak in any way.

Don’t Wash Too Much

It has also seen that some girls are habitual of washing hands too much. Even I myself am one of the victims … Sigh!pro-tips-for-weak-and-hard-nails-shadi-welcome!!… It just gives a sense of purity, cleaning and satisfaction. All it ends up in over drying the hands and nails, either making them too weak to be broken easily or too dry to split up easily. This is just the psychological thing and nothing else. Stop washing your hands even after touching your hairs… that’s true. Some girls, even boys do feel dirt or something tacky on their hands after touching or holding each and everything around. This has to be ceased to avoid nail breakage.

Soak Your Nails In Oil

This could be one of the best things you’d do with your nails. Of all the creams, lotions and serums, oils have the most powerful feature of restoring the actual moisture of your nails and skin inside, being natural and enrich. 

Olive Oil could be the best remedy in ting regard. Soak your nails in olive oil around 12-15 minutes a day for a month. Then repeating twice a week only would be sufficed.

Keep Separate Manicure Tools

Do not shpro-tips-for-weak-and-hard-nails-shadi-welcome-3are your manicure tools with anyone else, as it will only increase chances of getting bacteria, making your nails weak and dry. Even avoid sharing any of your personal care or skin products with anyone around. It causes skin contamination and allergies ending up in breakouts. You can take your manicure tools in salons and parlors as well if you’re not comfortable in using the already used tools. 

Biotin Rich Foods

Biotin rich foods don’t only make your health better, pro-tips-for-weak-and-hard-nails-shadi-welcome-4but also strengthen and nourish your nails. Take eggs, fish, avocado, whole grains, milk, cheese and meat etc. to increase intake of biotin rich foods in your diet. Biotin supplements are also available in the market, but it is recommended to fulfill the requirement naturally with diet at first place. 

Avoid Nail Hardener And Nail Polishes

In simple words, more the usage of chemical products, more the weak and dry nails you’ll have. If itspro-tips-for-weak-and-hard-nails-shadi-welcome-6 really important for you to use nail color, try to switch different brands on regular basis. Otherwise at the ends of the day, you will end up with dry, damage and pale nails, you can’t go out with sans wearing nail polish!

Nail Biting Is A Turmoil

Stop, stop and stop biting your nails as it is the worst thing one could do with one’s nails. Your nails are so tender to be bitten rudely and hardly. It rags the nails badly, diminishing their growth capacity and shattering the natural glow and beauty of nails. So if you’re a secret or hidden nail biter, better get rid of the habit ASAP. pro-tips-for-weak-and-hard-nails-shadi-welcome-7

Hope these pro tips for weak and hard nails would help you anyhow. Share with us if you have any other nail care tips and we will highlight the best suggestions and tips in our next post.

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