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Incredible Deodorant Tips The Brides And Grooms Would Love To Know

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Incredible Deodorant Tips The Brides And Grooms Would Love To Know Image

Incredible Deodorant Tips The Brides And Grooms Would Love To Know

Nothing ! Literally nothing should hurt you when you’re getting married, specially, when it comes to your personal care, looks and secret comfort.

Starting a new life after marriage takes a lot of trouble as well with it. Bother of not looking fresh, going out for late hours, staying up to date and appearing chic all the time, for both bride and groom. It’s a quest for the couple to be perfect-of-all-times. It’s though complex to deal with it, but this little information can make a difference.

Not only its useful for armpits ( which we’re not talking about here, of course ) but it’s incredible and secret uses are going to be unveiled now! Yes ! I’m talking about DEOs, D E O D O R A N T… !

Avoid Thigh Chafing

Consider you’re sitting between guests and stat feeling burning or itching on your thighs out of chafing or rashes… how hurtful that would be? As you just got married, every MOVE of yours will be keenly observed in SUSRAL, whether it’s the bride or the groom, you shouldn’t act slightly weird or else you’re in big trouble.

Simply use deodorant on inner thighs before wearing your pants on to avoid later chafing or rashes due to new cloths or constant thigh skin contact while walking. Even if you didn’t have chafing problem ever before, you can try this tip because you never wore new fancy wedding cloths this frequently ever before as well. So you never realized that you can possibly get allergic reaction in form of Thigh Chafing coz of all this cloths, walking and sweating thing. As prevention is better than cure.

Get Rid Of Foot Blisters

Those who don’t want to get troubled walking, for wearing much of new wedding shoes should go for it!


Who doesn’t want to wear high heels and stylish shoes while attending parties and gatherings specially arranged for the respective just-married couples? But having blisters already of way too much use of such fancy new wedding heels and shoes can ruin your party if you can’t walk properly coz of them, or even having trouble when walking can spoil your night.

Use deodorant on your heels, rub it or spray it on any part of your feet, to avoid the hurt of blisters cause by new shoes and it doesn’t smell bad either 😉

Stay Shine-Free For Long Hours


Staying for longer hours even produce more oil on face. The facial areas more prone to oil can get acne as soon as get dust contact. You can use deodorant for the very purpose as well. Spray it small and gently or better use your fingers to apply it on nose, forehead and cheeks or any area more inclined to oil of your face. This will also make your face less shiny in the long run. Natural deo variants contain minerals salts that can aid in drying out the acne and remove breakouts.

*Do consult your doctor before using any of the tips in case you have any skin problem or you’re on medication.

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