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Arranged Marriage? This Will Instantly Make Him Fall In LOVE With You

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Arranged Marriage?  This Will Instantly Make Him Fall In  LOVE With You Image

Arranged Marriage? This Will Instantly Make Him Fall In LOVE With You

It takes time when it comes to understanding in arrange marriages. But falling in love with your spouse is entirely a different thing. Girls are delicate with tender heart and nature, so they fall in love with the husband a bit easy than the husband would fall for her wife.

Although the words of Nikah are suffice enough to create a heart-to-heart bonding, but something we call FALLING IN LOVE is yet to be done!

And to make it happen, a little effort is required… though you should never fake yourself, and be true in front of each other. But a few simple hacks can actually speed up the process 😉

A boy is hard to deal… is a myth! The fact is, he just wants care and attention from a wife not only in starting days of marriage but for whole of his life. But of course the beginning days do matter more as that’s the time to get closer and here in our society, the couple hardly gets time to spend time with each other as in those days they have more invitations, more attendants, more parties and more guests, except for their honeymoon period.

Other than your beauty, which is of course a temporary attraction and there’s always yyour character, nature and attitude that make the real difference, there are millions of ways to do the thing which may vary with nature and mood of the spouse! But some of them are worth mentioning.

So keep in mind these simple things and you may make him fall in love with you ASAP 😉

Talk Something Boring

Yes! Talking boring stuff may look weird idea but it will make him more comfortable in front of you and he’ll get the actual comfort-level thus start sharing random stuff with you as well. This way, he won’t have the unconscious fear of you might get bored when you both talk. We may realize it or not, but boy being a husband is also conscious of not being boring or being less attractive for his wife as girls love to talk, who doesn’t know it?

Ask About His Shortcomings

Talking always about apparently attractive and intelligent things may make him feel insecure about himself. Ask indirectly, during simple chores at home in routine life about your deficiencies and ask him about his… this will make him confident that he can be whatever he is, before you, or he does not have to fake himself to impress you or hide his any special weakness. Knowing each other’s weakness actually makes the bonding strong and gets you closer to your spouse.

Speaking Nice Of Someone Did Something Wrong To You

Normally when someone says something bad to you, you start reacting the same way and this ends up making you an ordinary person. This is not only for the sake of love thing, but to be positive as well, that when someone does something wrong to you, remember the other good thing of the person and mention it to your husband rather cursing. It will surprise him, making you appear different from others and he will start respecting and loving you more than before for being such kind hearted and positive minded.

Give Him Space And Privacy

Do not ask what you were doing there?

Whose call it was?

Who you’re texting to?

Or other such questions. These inquiries actually annoy the boys. Give them their space and you’ll see he will start telling you each and everything without asking.


Show Concern And Care

Rather asking about his cell phone and calls, ask about how is he feeling, what he wants to eat at dinner and what he’s going to wear in upcoming event. Show him concern with his little things and he’ll start getting more comfortable with you with every passing day.

Express Him His Importance

There is a difference in just feeling something and showing it. Expressing is very important. Ask him about your regular things like what to wear in routine even, what you should eat and where to go… also do not go anywhere without asking him, even at your mom’s place, or even he permits you to go anywhere. Call him for little things to show his indulgence in your life in every small thing. It will make him happy and feel special about his presence in your life.

These are a few things that can instantly make him fall in love with you. Tell us more if you know any ☺

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